Return & Refund Policy

We at Mastyle Trendz value each customer with our exceptionally wonderful services, thus we have prepared a fair return and refund policy, which simplifies their attempt of an exchange request. However, the request must include our terms and conditions.

Return or exchange time
  • If you find the product defective, cracked, etc. then you can initiate for an exchange and return within 7 days after product delivery. However, all return or exchange items must not be used and that should be in original packaging with tags in place. If our team finds a product without tags and original packaging, then we will not accept the product and no refund will be processed. Mastyle Trendz has all the right to go through the product checking before exchanging the product or issuing credit. In case, we find a returned item that does not meet our criteria, mentioned above, it will not be exchanged and will be returned to the customer at their price and no credit will be returned.
    Exchange process
    If you find a defective or damaged product (s) on receiving, then let us know on or Whatsapp within 24 hours along with a video that shows the product isn’t in good condition, defective, damaged, etc. However, any damages on the arrival of your product must not be reported before 24 hours.
  • Upon receiving your product, we shall investigate the product and in case we found any defectiveness, we will follow the process.
  • After your initiation for an exchange or return, our Mastyle Trendz customer care team will contact you and will gather additional information about the product.
  • Then, our company delivery boy will land on your address for reverse pickup within 2-3 days of exchanging requests.
  • Upon receiving the product, our team will inspect it to ensure that the product is damaged or not. If in case, the product does not match the return or exchange conditions.
  • Once our team inspects the product carefully, and if found damaged or defective, then the exchanged product or item will be dispatched to you within 2-3 business days.
  • However, you can process for exchange or return for once. You can also get to know that once you submit your request for an exchange, then it will not be converted into a return or refund request.